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July 8th, 2022 by

Are you looking to purchase a vehicle that doesn’t appear to be on our lot? In today’s market, there are plenty of other avenues you can take in purchasing a vehicle, and we’re here to tell you how!

You’ve been dreaming of your perfect car/truck/SUV for quite some time and don’t want to settle. This is something that we understand all too well and are here to help with your purchase in one of three ways…


Sometimes it’s all about playing the waiting game. Our salespeople are constantly receiving updates on available vehicles in the area and what’s coming our way. All it takes is a simple call to our sales department and you communicating your wants and needs to a salesperson. They then can let you know when they know of an available vehicle!



Every week we are updating our Coming Soon Page on our website which features vehicles that we know are heading our way and have not been spoken for! From that page, you can easily reserve a vehicle with just a $1000 reservation fee. (This fee can be used as a down payment on the vehicle or refunded to you at the time of purchase.)

Coming Soon Page


Don’t see what you like on the lot or what’s coming soon? Contact our sales department and they can help you custom order your dream vehicle with a $1,000 order deposit! (This fee can be used as a down payment on the vehicle or refunded to you at the time of purchase.) If you don’t have time to come in, we encourage you to check out the vehicle builder feature on our website. This page takes you through the selection of every feature on your choice of vehicle so that you can play around with pricing and what elements you want! From there you can schedule an appointment with a salesperson to have your order submitted.

Vehicle Builder


Here’s Jason, our General Sales Manager, to tell you more…

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