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How to Return a Car at the End of a Lease

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Are you unsure what your options are when it comes to car lease returns? When you lease a vehicle, it’s important to understand your lease-end options, as well as how to return a car at the end of a lease. This guide from the DeNooyer Chevrolet finance center will help you when preparing to turn in your leased car!

Car Lease Returns When Your Lease Ends

When your car lease runs its course, you may be wondering what to do at the end of your lease. You’ll find that you have several options to consider. Your lease-end options include:

  • Return your vehicle and walk away. 
  • Return your car and lease another.
  • Extend your car lease and keep your vehicle. 
  • Buy out your car lease and keep your vehicle. 

Car Lease Returns Before Your Lease Contract is Up

Have you found yourself needing to end your lease early? While this option isn’t ideal, as there can be fees involved, it is possible. If you’re preparing to turn in your leased car early, here are some of your options:

  • Lease Transfer- If you have someone who’s willing to take over your lease for you, and they are approved by the leasing company, you may be able to transfer your lease.
  • Buyout & Resell Your Vehicle- You may be able to buy out your lease and then turn around and sell it.
  • Trade-in Your Lease- When you trade-in your lease, the dealership will buy out the lease for you, and anything you own will be added to your new auto loan. 
  • Terminate Your Lease Early- If you choose this option, know that you’ll likely end up paying a hefty fee. 

What to Do at the End of a Car Lease: Prepare for Inspection

When your car lease ends, your vehicle will need to pass an inspection. This inspection will cover the condition of your vehicle in specific areas like:

  • Exterior- Checking for dents, scratches, and window cracks
  • Interior- Checking for tears, holes, and permanent stains
  • Wheels & Tires- Looking for large wheel gouges, damaged sidewalls/plugs, and low tire tread
  • Engine- Seeing if maintenance was completed, check engine light is on, or engine starts/runs rough
  • Chassis- Looking for bent or damaged chassis or suspension parts in poor condition
  • Features & Electronics- Check function of electronics and look for missing parts/accessories

Steps for How to Return a Car at the End of a Lease

Wondering the steps you need to take when preparing for your car lease return? You’ll want to take the following steps:

  • Contact the dealership to schedule the return
  • Collect all documentation and equipment related to your vehicle
  • Wash your vehicle
  • Remove all of your belongings
  • Check vehicle mileage against your lease agreement
  • Get your vehicle inspected
  • Pay any related fees and return your keys

Enjoy Easy Leasing & Returns at DeNooyer Chevrolet

Now that you know how to return a car at the end of a lease, you’ll find help along the way with the team at DeNooyer Chevrolet. Our experts make it easy for you to end your vehicle lease, as well as to find your next vehicle. Contact us today to learn more!

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