Top 4 Things to Keep your Vehicle in Running Order During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 16th, 2020 by

Many Michiganders are staying at home a lot more during the Stay-In-Place order and have been for 3+ weeks because of COVID-19. If your job hasn’t been deemed essential, you’ve likely not gone too many places other than the grocery store, pharmacy, food pick-up, etc. While we hope that the virus numbers continue to take a downward turn, it has got us thinking about what will happen when activity is no longer restricted. There are many things you can be doing for your vehicle to ensure that there are no snares when you turn that key, or press that button, to start your vehicle on your first day back to work.

Our Fixed Operations Director, Bill Garnett, listed the top four things you can do to keep your vehicle in running order during the pandemic.

  1. Check basic vitals:
    • Tire pressure
    • Oil level & color
    • Coolant reservoir. First, find the full mark. In a cold engine the coolant will be low, level expands to full once engine is warm. Some reservoirs have a cold and hot line.
    • Brake fluid level. This will give you a baseline and you’ll be aware if anything changes from the vehicle sitting.
  2. Once a week or so check under hood, inside the trunk and underneath vehicle for any unwanted furry guest.
  3. Open doors and check front & rear carpet and trunk for water/moisture after hard rains and or long soaking rains. If water is getting into the vehicle it will start a greenhouse effect and you will not enjoy the smell.
  4. It’s always a good idea to start your vehicle and maybe drive up and down the street pressing the brakes to help reduce brake rotor rust. Rust can start between the pad and rotor which will turn into hot spots and or brake noise/vibration.

If, after doing any of these things, you have concerns with your vehicle, give us a call! We are happy to help you now and for the #MilesAhead.

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